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About Us

If you cooperate with us so you do need to works with some suppliers any more. There is no secret that sometimes a company may have some problems with supply of individual (especially, exotic) products. And if you work with our company such problems just may not be as we prepare for next supply to every customer in advance! But even if we don’t have consumables you need then we will borrow or buy such consumables outside. Let it causes damage to us, but we will not let you – our customer down.

Is the price a main criterion for you?

We ensure you that the prices specified by our entity are ones of most low prices.

Probably you think that through promising free of charge visit and services we would like win back by increasing prices for consumables and spare parts. But it wouldn’t in any case – we value our business reputation. If you suddenly find out prices lower than ours we will always be able to meet you and make our prices as lower as possible.

Besides these, our regular customers are always provided with open credit line depending on their monthly profits.

Our highly qualified specialists perform all works in accordance with required technologies and with use of special-purpose equipment as well as consumables pre-proved and tested for compatibility. We do not pursue cheapness with prejudice to quality through noncompliance with technologies and use of off-grade materials. We also provide guarantee for works produced and quality of impress.

Individual approach to a customer

Whether your company is big or small, you have a lot of office equipment or one printer only – you are our customer.